Publication of Intention to Marry & Attestation of Marriage Eligibility



  • No need to book an appointment for submitting the application.  
  • Caution: those who will visit the Embassy without prior appointment will be not received.
  • The Embassy accepts documents and fees for the application exclusively by postal mail.
  • Put the set of documents and fees in a big envelope and kindly send by genkin-kakitome from the Post Office.
  • In case it is a marriage between two Cameroonians: Each one has to send its own documents and fees.
  • The banns of your intention to get married will be sent to Cameroon and published for a mandatory period of 30 days (one month). If there is no objection, the Certificate of Eligibility for Marriage will be issued.
  • The Embassy does not accept spontaneous submission of the document of Publication of Banns Exemption. Each applicant wishing to apply for the exemption in the Court in Cameroon will need to send his whole file to the Embassy. The Embassy will do a prior examination of the file to determine whether or not there is an emergency justifying the waiver of the publication of banns. It is only after prior verification that the applicant could proceed for the exemption of publication of marriage banns.
  • Application processing time for Publication of Bans Attestation of Marriage Eligibility: 18 opening days + 1 month for publication.
  • BEFORE SENDING DOCUMENTS, kindly email a reachable telephone number to the Embassy. 


  • Checkboxes sheet for Marriage Publication of Banns & Attesetation of Eligibility to download, tick, date and sign; 
  • Application Form for the Declaration for Intention to Marry download; the first page filled by you, the second page by your future spouse, signed at the bottom by both parties;
  • Handwritten request (containing names, address and contacts of the applicant) requesting the Attestation of Marriage Eligibility;
  • Original of Certificate of Celibacy less than 3 months duly legalized by the Ministry of External Relations in Yaounde or its Consular Branch Office in Douala / Antenne Protocolaire du MINREX à Douala);
  • Original of Certificate of Celibacy less than 3 months for the future spouse:

for a Cameroonian national

Original of Certificate of Celibacy less than 3 months duly legalized by the Ministry of External Relations in Yaounde or its Consular Branch Office in Douala / Antenne Protocolaire du MINREX à Douala);

 for a foreign national partner:

a certificate issued in their country with the translation (if it is in a foreign language), or, by their embassy;

 for a partner of Japanese nationality:

original of the family book (Koseki Tohon) as indicated below + the translation into French or English by an approved translation company recommended by the Embassy);

  • Original of Birth Certificate for both:

for a Cameroonian nationality

the Birth Certificate or certified copy of the Birth Certificate valid less than 3 months;

for a partner of foreign nationality:  

original of his/her Birth Certificate or Family Register or anything proving the birth including names of parents, and, in case they do not have it, a document issued by their own Embassy, mentioning the surname, given name, date and place of birth, parents’ name.

for a partner of Japanese nationality:   

original of the Family Register (Koseki Tohon) of your Partner, and translation by a licensed translation company recommended by the Embassy;

  • Original of Passport of husband, and in case the Japanese partner does not have a passport, coloured copy of the Driving License or any document with a photo;
  • Original of Cameroon National Identity Card (if available, even expired);
  • A double-sided colour copy of the Japanese Residence Card;
  • In case of divorce, the Cameroonian Judgment proving the separation or an Acceptance of Divorce issued by the Japanese Authorities + its translation;
  • 3,500 yen for fees;
  • A prepaid envelope Letter Pack (blue or red) at the Post Office, with your address already filled;
  • 1 more Letter Pack for returning original documents before the issuance of the requested document (if necessary; in that case, mention it in the application letter).



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Mail :
Tel : 03-3465-7707

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Tel :  03-3567-3815
Fax :  033567-3818


A thorough screening of all documents will be done in collaboration with competent authorities in Japan and in Cameroon, in order to verify their authenticity. Simultaneously, signatures and other information contained in the forms duly filled will be verified as well:

o from Cameroon: Birth Certificates, Passports, NIC, Judgement of all kinds, etc;

o from Japan: Residence Card, extract of Family Registry, Certificates of Acceptance of Birth / Marriage / Divorce, etc;

o from abroad: Birth Certificate or Extract of Birth according to the country of residence submitted, etc.  

Should the screening process reveal any false statements or declarations, inaccurate information, falsified documents or any other irregularities, the ongoing processing of the file will be automatically halted, and the application will be rejected.