Power of Attorney



  • No appointment for application.  Those who come will not be received.
  • The Embassy accepts documents and fees by postal mail only.
  • Application processing time: 15 opening days.
  • BEFORE SENDING DOCUMENTS, kindly email a reachable telephone number to the Embassy. 


  • Checkboxes sheet for Power of Attorney to download, tick, date and sign;
  • Power of Attorney form to download, fill, date and sign;
  • A handwritten request (containing names, address telephone number and e-mail address of the applicant);
  • Original of Passport;
  • Original of Birth Certificate;
  • Original of Cameroon National Identity Card (if available, even expired);
  • Both side colour copy of Residence Card;
  • Both side colour copy of National ID Card of the person to whom you are transmitting the power of attorney;
  • Fee of ¥500 per document;


□ For residents in Japan

  • Fees to be enclosed with the whole set of documents in a big envelope by genkinkakitome from the Post Office.
  • A prepaid envelope LETTER PACK of the Post Office for returning your documents, with your address already filled.
  •  □ For residents abroad

    About bank transfer:

  • Fees for the document and for its expedition can be sent by bank transfer, by adding bank charge that can’t be determined in advance. In that case, be aware that you have to add 6,000 JPY to 8,000 JPY, depending on the amount you are sending and the rate of the day. Please refer to your local bank.
  • If you have an acquaintance residing in Japan, he can send by postal mail by registered mail for cash.
  • About returning fees:

  • EMS fees from Japan to Australia and New-Zealand: 3,150 JPY
  • (rate can be changed anytime. Please refer to the website of the Post)

  • DHL approximate fees from Japan to:  Australia and New-Zealand: 16,000JPY
  • (rate can be changed anytime. Please refer to the website of the DHL). 

    If you already have an account number especially for collect (Payer Account Number), don’t forget to mention it on your DHL airway bill.

    Before sending the set of documents, inform us in advance by email your choice :

  • I have transfered EMS fees for the amount of ………….. JPY
  • I have a DHL account for payment on delivery.
  • I will call the local DHL for pick up to DHL JAPAN.
  • I have transfered  in total the amount of  ………….. JPY
  • I sent cash through an acquaintance resident in Japan the amount of………….. JPY