Consular services


– No appointment for neither information nor application is accepted. Those who come will not be received.

– The Embassy accepts documents and fees by postal mail ONLY.

– The original of Cameroonian Birth Certificate is compulsory for all kind of consular services. In case you don’t have it with you, ask to a relative in Cameroon to send it to you by DHL. If he/she cannot find it, ask him/her to go to the High Court and/or the Civil Status Registry for an issuance of a DUPLICATA with a Certificate of Strain Existence.

– BEFORE SENDING DOCUMENTS, kindly email a reachable telephone number to the Embassy. You will receive a call within five opening days.

– Only after the approval of the Embassy to proceed, send the set of documents and fees in a big envelope, by “genkinkakitome” (registered mail for sending cash) from the Post Office, including a blue or red LETTER PACK (prepaid cardboard envelope of the Post Office) with your address already filled.

– In case you wish originals to be returned before the issuance of the requested document, add one more Letter Pack for returning original documents ; in that case, mention it in the application letter.

– Application processing time depends on the service requested.

– Inquiry is ONLY by email or through CONTACT US from this website. It permits to avoid misunderstanding and errors.

– You might not get an answer if your email does not contain enough information such as surname given name, nationality, country of residence, purpose of trip, etc. Please do precise details in order we can help you.

– An answer will be sent within 5 working days.

– The Embassy of Cameroon in Japan covers following countries: Republic of Korea / Australia / New-Zealand.