Holidays of Embassy

Holidays of Embassy 2024

Fri 29/12/2023 – Wed  03/01/2024New Year’s Holiday
Mon 08/01/2024Coming of Age Day
Mon 12/02/2024National Foundation Day (Jp) Youth Day (Cm) (substitute holiday of Sun 11/02)
Fri 23/02/2024The Emperor’s Birthday                      
Wed  20/03/2024Vernal Equinox Day                
Fri 29/03/2024Good Friday
Wed 10/04/2023Aïd el-Fitr                                           
Mon 29/04/2024Showa Day                                        
Tue 30/04/2024Golden-Week
Wed 01/05/2024May Day / Golden-Week
Thu 02/05/2024Golden-Week
Fri 03/05/2024Constitution Memorial Day / Golden-Week
Sat 04/05/2024Greenery Day / Golden-Week
Sun 05/05/2024Children’s Day / Golden-Week
Thu  09/05/2024Ascension
Mon 20/05/2024Cameroon National Day
Mon 17/06/2024Aïd al-Adha
Mon 15/07/2024Marine Day
Mon 12/08/2024Mountain Day
Thu 15/08/2024Assumption
Mon 16/09/2024Respect for the Aged Day (substitute holiday of Sun 15/09)
Mon 23/09/2024Autumnal Equinox Day (substitute holiday of Sun 22/09)
Mon 14/10/2024Sports Day                             
Mon 04/11/2024Culture Day (substitute holiday of Sun 03/11)
Sat  23/11/2024Labour Thanksgiving Day
Wed 25/12/2024Christmas
Sun 29/12/2024 – Fri 03/01/2025New Year’s Holiday