Declaration of Child recognition & Issuance of new born birth certificate (Unmarried parents)



  • No appointment for application.  Those who come will not be received.
  • The Embassy accepts documents and fees exclusively by postal mail .
  • BEFORE SENDING DOCUMENTS, kindly email a reachable telephone number to the Embassy. 

Normally, when both parents are not married, the name of the father will not be written on the child’s Birth Certificate. 

However, according to the provision of the Cameroonian law, the father who wants his name to appear on the childbirth Certificate could apply for a “Declaration of Child Recognition” at the Embassy.   

Here is the procedure to follow for the said application:

1. Go to the City Hall for issuance of:

a.  Legalized copy of the “Birth Notification & Birth Certificate” (出生届・出生証明書) you have submitted to them just after the birth. The legalized copy document is called “shushotodoke-no kisaijiko”(出生届の記載事項);

Attention:  do not send a photocopy of a Birth Notification form without city officers’ seals; the Embassy needs a legalized document issued at the municipality or the local Legal Affairs Bureau.

b.  Certificate of Acceptance of Birth (“shusho-juri-shomeisho” – 出生受理証明書);

c.   Certificate of Residence (“juminhyo” – 住民票).

2.Translation of Japanese documents:

The document “Birth Notification & Birth Certificate” has to be translated by one of recommended translation companies below.

3. Find witnesses:

Two witnesses who can come to the Embassy to assist the said declaration, at least one has to be Cameroonian national .

4. Send in advance required documents to the Embassy:

  • Checkboxes sheet for Birth Certificate to download, tick, date and sign;
  • Application form for Birth Certificate to download, fill, date and sign;
  • Letter for application of child recognition written by the father, containing name + postal address + email address + mobile phone number), mentioning that you wish to take an appointment for the said declaration;
  • Father’s and Mother’s document:  
  • Birth Certificate → the original is mandatory. In case you don’t have it with you, ask a relative in Cameroon to send it to you by DHL. If he cannot find it, ask him to go to the Tribunal de Grande Instance and/or to the Civil Status Center for the issuance of a DUPLICATE with Certificate of Strain Existence;
  • Original Passport;
  • Both sides color photocopies of the passport (personal information page only), with the signature in the margin;
  • Cameroon National Identity Card (if available, even expired);
  • Both sides colour photocopy on one page of the Residence Card.
  •  Witnesses’ documents:  colour copies of valid passport (if not available, the Birth Certificate), duly dated and signed by each bearer;
  • Birth Certificate Application Form (PDF to download) duly filled and signed by both parties.
  • A prepaid envelope LETTER PACK of the Post Office with your address already filled.
  • 01 more Letter Pack for returning original documents before the issuance of the requested document (if necessary; in that case, mention it in the application letter).

5. Appointment at the Embassy:

After the Embassy will receive those documents, you will be contacted and following persons are invited to come on the date and time designated by the Embassy, for signing in front of the officer the said Declaration:

  • the applicant, child’s father;
  • child’s mother;
  • the new-born;
  • the two witnesses.

6. Birth Certificate:  

The document will be sent later with the Declaration.



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A thorough screening of all documents will be done in collaboration with competent authorities in Japan and in Cameroon, in order to verify their authenticity.  Simultaneously, signatures and other information contained in the forms duly filled will be verified as well:

  • from Cameroon:  Birth Certificates, Passports, NIC, Judgement of all kinds, etc ;
  • from Japan: Residence Card, extract of Family Registry, Certificates of Acceptance of Birth / Marriage / Divorce, etc ;
  • from abroad: Birth Certificate or Extract of Birth according to the country of residence submitted, etc.  

Should the screening process reveal any false statements or declarations, inaccurate information, falsified documents or any other irregularities, the ongoing processing of the file will be automatically halted, and the application will be rejected.