< STEP 1 >

  • Connect to the pre-enrolment site.
  • Choose your pre-enrolment language (FR or EN).
  • Select the “Start your pre-enrolment” button.
  • Enter your Email address or your phone number that you are using in the country of residence in the required location on the site then validate (not a number for Cameroon, otherwise the Embassy can’t contact you).
  • At the end of the validation, you will receive a code by SMS or by email on your telephone number or your email address entered.
  • The system asks you to enter the code received and validate it at the location indicated on the site.
  • Select the “New Request” tab and an information sheet will open with mandatory fields (spaces) and non-mandatory fields that you are asked to complete.
  • After completing your form, you are directed to the payment procedure.
  • You choose your payment method.
  • At the end of the payment procedure, an appointment window is displayed.
  • Choose the place and date of enrolment then validate.
  • At the end of this validation, the system generates an information sheet in PDF file that you should print and send by email to the Embassy < > .

< STEP 2 >

Send all supporting documents and fees to the Embassy in advance (do not wait the day before the physical enrolment day!). See details on the Passport Enrolment page.

< STEP 3 >

  • The Embassy will receive passport from DGSN. After its registration, it will be sent to the applicant.

NB: Six months after production, the passport is returned to the Border Police Department if it is not collected.

Link for passport pre-enrollment